Tal R (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Selected Works from 1997 to 2012

Co-Published with Nieves Books in 2014
14 x 20 cm
28 pages
Black and White Photocopy
Edition of 100


Danish artist Tal R creates thickly layered paintings in which solid forms and bright colours evoke associations with the world of child's play. Tal R has been described as a "painter's painter" due to the ease and exuberance of his approach to the medium. In his work the artist establishes vivid, expressive settings within a pictorial framework. The format refers to the layout of the screen of early 80s video games. Tal R's paintings suggest a cross between comic books, graffiti and wild children's doodles. His images subtly transform a picture book naiveté into a menacingly archaic and seemingly violent world.