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Introduction by Corinn Gerber

As an object travels through space and appears in time, we can only see it moving because of the faster arrays of light that break at the very moment in which they meet it. The breaking lines of flight delineate an object in an irreversible physical process. At the speed of light, it appears before our eyes. It is only this fragility that enables us to see. The breaking light names a border which our eyes are unable to cross. A border to another space and time, that of the inside, this time asking for a new faculty.

Published in 2014
16.5 x 23.6 cm
88 pages
Offset Printed
Edition of 1000

Cony, Balázs Fekete, Corinn Gerber, Gues, Christopher LG Hill
Hiroshi Iguchi, Horfee, Jerry Hsu, Daehyun Kim, Dylan Solomon Kraus
Klara Kuchta, József Mélyi, Gil Pellaton, Gaetano Pesce, Dan Reisinger
László László Révész, Saeio, Shauna T, Benjamin Sommerhalder
Adrienne Sós, Camille Vivier


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